Register for the 6th annual Quantitative Biosciences hands-on modeling workshop

April 14, 2022

Applications are now open to register for the 6th annual QBioS hands-on modeling workshop. This in-person, hands-on workshop, organized by the first-year cohort of Quantitative Biosciences PhD students, the first-year cohort of InQuBATE PhD students, Prof. Joshua Weitz, and  Prof. J.C. Gumbart, serves to introduce scientists of all experience levels to the process of modeling stochastic gene expression.

The workshop will include an opening lecture by group member and postdoctoral researcher, Adriana Lucia-Sanz, and a Plenery lecture by Professor Ido Golding, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). There will also be hands-on tutorials on implementing computational stochastic models of gene expression using Python or Matlab – no experience necessary!

To learn more or apply, visit