Prof. Weitz is recognized for his collaborative work on Covid-19 viral testing and research

April 23, 2021

Prof. Weitz has received three awards or his contribution to Georgia Tech’s Covid-19 response, as well as his collaborative research on assessing Covid-19 risk.

The One Giant Leap award is given to those who use innovation to identify solutions to Institute level problems. Prof. Weitz and his collaborator, fellow Patton Distinguished Professor in the School of Biological Sciences Greg Gibson, received this award along with the testing team for their contribution to Georgia Tech’s Covid-19 response.

In addition to the One Giant Leap award, Prof. Weitz was a joint recipient of the Outstanding Achievement in Research Program Development Award. This award was given to the team that developed Georgia Tech’s in-house testing and response program for Covid-19, and includes Anton BryskinGregory GibsonPinar KeskinocakMichael Shannon, Loren Williams and JulieAnne Williamson, in addition to Prof. Weitz.

The Weitz Group’s work on developing a risk assessment tool for Covid-19 was also recognized  by the Institute. The paper, published in Nature Human Behavior in November 2020, was one of two papers published to receive the Georgia Tech chapter of Sigma Xi’s 2021 Best Faculty Paper award. Prof. Weitz shares the award with project collaborator Prof. Clio Andris, assistant professor in both the School of City and Regional Planning in the College of Design and the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech.

To learn more about our work on Covid-19, visit the Covid-19 Research page.